For almost a hundred years, ALL AMERICAN 1930 has been crafting tools for the serious cook and maker that are still made in our American heartland foundries today. Shop our cookware, pressure cookers, canners and sterilizers that are built to last for more than a lifetime.

The 921 Pressure Cooker
I have canned meats, sauces, vegetables, beans, soups, broth, and maybe a few other items in this canner. I ordered this canner because of the reviews and the heirloom quality of the equipment. If you are looking to homestead, to preserve a harvest, or preserve produce you caught on sale, then you won't be disappointed in this canner. It's heavy duty and I can see it yielding batch upon batch of canned foods year after year. Any regrets? I wish I'd gotten a larger size. - K.M.B.
The Ultimate Griddle
Easy to use, even heat, light weight and easy to store. Very happy with it. - Deer Hunter
The 930 Pressure Cooker
If you are serious about preparing food for future or canning meat you find on sale, then the All American pressure cooker is what you want. I have the M# 930, purchased in 2013. With 7 years of using it I can say it is worth every penny. It is very well built, heavy duty hardware. Currently, I am canning up to 20 lbs in one batch of ground beef we found on sale. Again, the construction of the All American Pressure canner is outstanding, second to none. It’s manufactured by craftsmen in Wisconsin who know what they're doing with aluminum and will last a lifetime of use. - superexcavator




Tools for the Serious Cook ~ Cast in the U.S.A. Since 1930

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