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921 in Color Pressure Cookers with minute imperfections in its paint

Monday Memories #1

All American 1930 is excited to introduce Monday Memories!

For the next 10 weeks, we will be sharing the winners that were chosen from the “Tell us Your Story” contest. The contest was originated around how the All American 1930 pressure canner/cooker became a family legacy. Winners were voted & chosen via the All American team.

Introducing this weeks winner: Tiffany Kahn

“I started canning 10 or so years ago with the basic Presto canner, since then we’ve moved, added a garden, started raising our own chickens & pigs. I went from canning a few dozen jars to canning hundreds. Last year I bought my first All American 941 & fell in love with it & it’s consistency to hold pressure without babysitting. A couple months ago I purchased my second All American 941 & don’t plan on using my 3 Prestos anymore!”

3 pressure cookers on a large stainless steel stove

What an incredible journey & story from Tiffany! All American greatly appreciates you sharing your story!

Stay tuned for next week’s story!

3 pressure cookers on a large stainless steel stove

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