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225 – Master Hand Crank Can Sealer

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• Crank handle can sealer
• Crafted of the finest hand cast aluminum
• Comes equipped to seal No. 2 or No. 3 can
• 150 cans per hour
• No skill or experience is required to perfectly seal tin cans automatically
• Designed for use by commercial, home, or custom canners, gift packaging centers, experimental laboratories, school canners, and lunch rooms
• 90 day limited warranty
• 15 lbs.
Made in U.S.A.



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ALL-AMERICAN® Master Can Sealers include equipment to seal your choice of either No.2 (307×409) or No.3 (404×414) can. Additional equipment is available for sealing other sizes; cost is approx. $175 per size, but must be quoted in each instance. The largest can size for ALL-AMERICAN® Master Can Sealers is No. 3.