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White Bean Chicken Chili

This recipe comes courtesy of Sarah Thrush, a homesteading economist, teacher & naturalist. Check out her TikTok or Website for more.

Makes approximately 5-6 pint jars as listed.

This recipe can be made vegetarian/vegan by omitting chicken and using veggie broth in place of chicken broth. You can also double or triple the recipe.


3 cups presoaked white beans; Sara uses Northern Beans
2-3 pounds chicken ground, chunked or shredded
1 large onion, chopped
6 stalks celery, chopped
4 cloves garlic, chopped
6 cups chicken broth
2 tsp cumin powder
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp salt or to taste
1 tsp black pepper
1-2 (4)oz cans green chilies (depending on how spicy you like)


Dried Beans Prep

  1. Rinse beans in colander and remove any debris.
  2. Soak beans in 6-8 cups of water overnight (preferred method). Or cover beans with two inches of water in a pot. Bring to boil, add lid, turn off heat and let soak for 1 hour.

Cooking Prep

  1. Heat jars in the canner while making the chili.
  2. In a stock pot, sauté onions, celery and garlic until translucent. Add chicken and cook until no longer pink. 
  3. Add the chicken broth, beans and spices.
  4. Taste and add more spices as needed.
  5. Split chili evenly between jars leaving 1 inch head space. Add water or broth to jars if needed to achieve the correct headspace.
  6. Wipe rims with vinegar, add lids and rings finger tight.  Add jars to canner.


  1. Vent 10 minutes
  2. Add 10lbs weight or the weight for your altitude (Chart below). Once pressure is achieved, start timer: pints 75 minutes, quarts 90 minutes.


Altitude in Feet Weighted Gauge Dial Gauge
1-1,000 10 11
1,001-2,000 15 11
2,001-4,000 15 12
4,001-6,000 15 13
6,001-8,000 15 14
8,001-10,000 15 15

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