921 in Color Pressure Cookers with minute imperfections in its paint

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monday memories

Monday Memories #7

Greetings to Week 7 of Monday Memories! Introducing this week’s winner: Cody Ayotte “Once upon a time, in a small town in America, (Palm Desert, CA) there lived a family who possessed a remarkable treasure – an All American 1930 Pressure canner/cooker. This shining metal appliance had been passed down through generations and held a […]

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Monday Memories #6

Week 6 of Monday Memories has unfolded! Introducing this week’s winner: Madisyn Townsend “Canning changed my life for the better by bringing my family and my neighbors and I together. I create baskets for my neighbors yearly filled with canned goods, they rave about how good everything is and ask for more. My family takes

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Monday Memories #5

Week 5 of Monday Memories has arrived! Introducing this week’s winner: Connie Starbuck “When we lived in Alaska, I was able to send fresh salmon home to my mother and boys in cans. My canner has helped provide out catch with family. But, the best time I have ever had with my canner was when

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Monday Memories #4

Week 4 of Monday Memories has finally touched down! Introducing this week’s winner: Erik Bledsoe “Our family has just recently became a canning and storage family. My wife bought a AA 921 after fears of other brands “blowing up ” , we are teaching our daughter how to can and be resourceful. We grow our

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Monday Memories #3

Week 3 of Monday Memories has arrived! Introducing this weeks winner: Sophia Huynh “Hi! I went fishing in Washington for salmon with a friend 15 years ago. He would can his smoked salmon with his AA 930. A few years later he moved to California. He lent me his canner for several years. I do

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An All American Pressure Cooker / Canner from the 1930s

Monday Memories #2

Week 2 of Monday Memories is here! Introducing this weeks winner: Margie Hurt “I’m 76 and have been canning for over fifty years. I’ve only pressure canned using All American canners. My first AA was given to me by my grandmother. She gave it quite a workout during the 1930s and 1940s. I still used

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3 pressure cookers on a large stainless steel stove

Monday Memories #1

All American 1930 is excited to introduce Monday Memories! For the next 10 weeks, we will be sharing the winners that were chosen from the “Tell us Your Story” contest. The contest was originated around how the All American 1930 pressure canner/cooker became a family legacy. Winners were voted & chosen via the All American

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