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The Benefits of Using an All American 1930 Electronic Sterilizer

Growing fungi at home has mushroomed in popularity! The All American 1930 Electronic Sterilizer gives you consistent results and ease of use.

It’s rewarding to grow your own mushrooms at home! Many people begin with mushroom kits and progress quickly to specialty varieties that require substrates. This process is exciting and provides even more opportunities to not only grow and preserve your own food, but experiment with and learn about many mushroom varieties.

Pasteurization and sterilization are two methods commonly used in the home mushroom growing process. While pasteurization kills the majority of contaminants in a substrate, the process doesn’t kill everything. It’s suitable for substrates with a lower nutrition profile.

Sterilization – used for substrates with higher nutrition profiles, like hardwoods – kills 100% of competing organisms in a substrate. When sterilizing a substrate, you need temperatures higher than 250℉ for at least two hours. Additionally, you’ll need to add pressure to raise the temperature to this level, or above, to kill off bacteria and fungal spores.

Sound like a lot?

We’ve heard from customers who are concerned about doing this correctly, wondering if their equipment is up to the task. Because we believe in the work you’re doing to preserve the food you grow, we developed the All American 1930 Electronic Sterilizer to make the process simple, consistent, and rewarding.

What Are the Benefits of the Sterilizer?
First of all, it’s simple to use.

  • Versatile programming: Offers 10 customized programmable settings. You can set the sterilizer and forget it – it’ll run through a complete cycle time on its own, then automatically shut off.
  • Touch screen: Intuitive and easy to use. No more guesswork!
  • Alarm timer: Shuts off at a specified time and cools off on its own. Eliminates the need for you to monitor the process.
  • Onboard data storage: A USB drive collects times and temperatures per your needs. Improve results using data-driven decisions!

It delivers consistent results.

  • Temperature accuracy: Holds temperatures within +/- 2 degrees under normal operating conditions. Gives you confidence and reliability.
  • Will never run dry. If this has happened to you, you know the frustration it causes. Our sterilizer is designed with a built-in float sensor that automatically shuts the unit down if the water level gets too low, giving you ease of mind.
  • Safety features include a control valve, overpressure plug, and relief valve

It’s designed for durability.

  • Robust base: The unit remains steady and stays in place.
  • 25 quarts: A spacious inner container for batch control. Saves you time by reducing the need to sterilize multiple batches.
  • Generous capacity: Fits up to four (4) six-pound bags of substrate. (Note that capacities may vary)

Bonus points for:

  • Our one-year warranty
  • If you register your warranty within the first 30 days of purchase, we’ll give you an additional year of warranty!
  • Product is UL certified
  • Available in 120v or 240v

It’s rewarding to grow and preserve your own food! And the All American 1930 Electronic Sterilizer is the best way to consistently sterilize substrates, delivering results you can count on – every time you use it. Want more details? Our product data sheet has all the specs you need.

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